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About Us
Oscar Gustafson started Gustafson Plumbers and Supply in the year 1896. Located at 117 Main Street, Worcester, Gustafson was one of the first plumbing business in the city. In 1936 they became the first sewer and drain cleaners in the city, with a popular franchise, but later branched out on their own. Gustafson Plumbers sewer and drain cleaning division became Electric Rottex Sewer and Drain Cleaning.

When first starting the plumbing business in the 1800’s all piping and other supplies were delivered to our customers homes by rented horses and carriages. Flynn’s Stable, located at the old Trumble Square, would supply this service. The plumbers would have to walk or take the trolley to the job site. A few lucky customers eventually owned automobiles and were kind enough to pick the plumber up in the morning and drive him back to the shop when the job was complete!

Oscar’s son Ragnar moved the business to Old Lincoln Street in 1940, where it prospered through the years under the eye’s of himself and his son Ragnar Jr. In 2001 Gustafson Plumbers moved to a more convenient location at 273 Southwest Cutoff (Rt. 20), Worcester. The owner today is Ragnar Jr.’s son Bruce, who can be seen working side by side with his son Bruce Jr. The Gustafson family has owned and maintained Gustafson Plumbers for 5 generations.

We have grown with the times and now offer more services that could ever have been imagined in the 1800’s. Who would have ever imagined a camera that can show you the inside of pipes? Or a water jet capable of clearing a 36” diameter pipe? Who would ever have imagined a cellular telephone or a computer system capable of tracking a trucks every move?

Gustafson Plumbers continues to grow every day and offers many services to our customers. Please call to discuss any services you may need. We look forward to working with you.
History of Gustafson Plumbers