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Call Gustafson Plumbers for all your plumbing and heating needs. From the smallest residential repair to commercial services, we pride ourselves in outstanding service. We offer 24 hour emergency service and your call will always be answered by an employee of Gustafson's (no machines or services).

Gustafson Plumbers and Rottex Sewer and Drain Cleaning offers complete plumbing and drain cleaning services.

We offer installation and repair services on: Water Heaters-Water Filters-Boilers-Furnaces-Dishwashers-Gas Stoves-Garbage Disposals-Ice Makers-Bathtubs-Showers-Toilets-Faucets-Sewer Ejectors-Pumps-Pipes-Brass Pipes

Gustafson Plumbers also offers complete Plumbing systems-Heating systems-Gas piping-Kitchen and Bath remodeling.

During our cold New England winters we perform Electronic Pipe Thawing.

Gustafson Plumbers now offers electrical services!

Rottex, which is owned and operated by Gustafson Plumbers, offers all phases of drain cleaning and repair, including: Main Drains-Sinks-Toilets-Tub and Showers. We service Municipal Main Trunk lines and Perimeter Drains.

Video inspection is available with 2 different camera systems, from 2” diameter pipes up to 48” diameter, These systems allow us to view and locate any damage or blockage creating your drainage problems. Our GatorCam allows the image to be viewed in ‘real time’ on its high resolution monitor and can be recorded with a screen title and voice over for information gathering. We also offer this system as a pipe and cable locater.

Water Jet service is offered with the capability of 4000 PSI, up to 36” diameter pipe, 1000’ hose and 800 gallon capacity. This service is excellent for main trunk lines.
• 24 Hour Service
• Plumbing Services
• Drain Cleaning - Water Jetting
• Hot Water Heaters
• High Efficiency Heating Systems
• Electrical Upgrades
• Sewer Repair and Installation
• Boiler Repair

• Process Piping
• Roof Drains
• Catch Basin
• Excavation
• Water Main Repair and Installation
• Bathroom Remodeling
Electrical Pipe Thawing